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Vincent Ranch, Hamilton, Montana, 1914

The Foleys

John and Nellie Foley

Grantsdale, Montana

When my room was a mess when I was growing up, my dad would say, “This place looks like the Foley’s live here!” My dad’s memory of the Foley’s house was that it was in shambles with livestock running in and out of it. In 1965 while on vacation in Montana, our family drove by the Foley’s. We were expecting to see a run down house like my dad had described for years. Instead, to our surprise, we found a beautiful home with a white picket fence and a beautiful garden with flowers.


Two of the Foley children, Marian and William were about my dad’s age. I do not know if he knew them through school or church. Perhaps ma and pa Foley went dancing with Flossie and Frank Vincent.


According to the United States Census of 1930, John, age 50 and his second wife Nellie, age 38 lived with 8 little Foleys. Looks like the last 3 kids were from the second marriage.


Elizabeth Foley 19 

Ella Foley 17 

Mildred Foley 15 

Harriett Foley 13 

John Foley 11 

Marian Foley 3 7/12 

William Foley 2 4/12 

Nellie Foley 7/12 


In January 2009 I asked my dad if he remembered the Foley’s and he wrote:


Hi Bob,


Yes, I remember them well...

The kids went to the Grantsdale Grammar School right down the road towards "downtown" Grantsdale.


If you go to Hamilton and then take the Hwy 93 south to the Hwy 138 (Skalkaho Rd), which ran by the ranch until, you come to the first left street. Turn left and about a 50 yards down the hill is The Foley Place. The school is just a little further on the right side.







The Foley’s House Google Earth Location:

46 115630 Latitude

114 083262 Longitude



Robert Vincent, January, 2009

Map to Foley's Place added April 3, 2021

More to the story…

After her husband, Frank Seymour Vincent’s death in 1936, Flossie managed the threshing business that they had run for 25 years in the Bitter Root Valley.  With the help of her crew, Frank Junior, Jack Miller and Kenneth Rogers, Flossie successfully served the farmers in Hamilton, Montana.


In 2023, I discovered Flossie’s “Thresherman’s Account Book,” from the summer of 1938. I found an entry where she threshed 163 bushels of wheat for Jim Foley! She charged him $10.00 for threshing his crop, plus 3 ½ hours of gas at $1.75. Evidently, Mr. Foley could not afford the entire $11.75 bill, so she extended him credit. When farmers could not pay their entire threshing bill, Flossie was known for extending them credit so they could get their crops to market.


During that summer in 1938, Flossie and her crew threshed 25,719 bushels of wheat, oats, rye, and peas, and earned $1,369.02.

Updated June 2023 by Robert Vincent

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