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John William Boren's Farmhouse 1977, McCool Junction Nebraska

Howard Maurice Boren 

April 3, 1898 - November 27, 1933

When Howard Maurice BOREN was born on April 3, 1898, in Lushton, Nebraska, his father, John, was 30 and his mother, Lillie, was 24. He married Irma Mae SALMEN on June 22, 1921, in Sutton, Nebraska. They had three children during their marriage. He died on November 27, 1933, in York, Nebraska, at the age of 35 from Pneumonia and was buried in Greenwood, Nebraska.


Howard’s daughter Velma wrote, “My dad died of Pneumonia in 1933 when I was 3 years old. My Aunt Grace, Howard’s sister, took me to see him at York Hospital. In those days they treated Pneumonia patients by placing a big oxygen tent over them. When he passed, his body was placed in a casket in our living room. My brother, Russ, who was age 11, lifted me up to view my father in his casket. He was buried in Greenwood Cemetery. There were refreshments at our house after the burial and I remember having to show the women where to put the silverware. I never shed any tears for my father so I guess that is why I have always been called a ‘stoic person’ to this day at age 86.”

Howard's Eighth Grade Graduation
York County Schools District #18 - McCool Jct.
Class of 1912

Howard and his sister, Alma, were in the same graduating class. Howard was 14 Alma was 16 

Howard Boren's Obituary

November 27, 1933

Robert Vincent, June 7, 2023

For Howard Boren's 1917 Model T Ford

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