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John William Boren's Farmhouse 1977, McCool Junction Nebraska

The Boren Family

Boren Places of Interest

John Willian Boren

1213 Road 4

Mc Cool Junction, Nebraska

Highway 81 and Road 4

Elevation: 1581’


Irma Salmen-Boren-Smith

151 West Flint Street

Ventura, CA


Irma Salmen-Boren-Smith-Ledbetter-Smith

160 Center Street

Ventura, CA

Velma Boren - Vincent

704 East Grinnell Drive

Burbank, CA 91501

How McCool Junction Was Named

McCool Junction was originally known as the city of McCool, Nebraska. It was platted in 1886, when the railroad was extended to that location. The city was named for Daniel McCool, a railroad official. In 1888, two years after its founding, McCool became the junction of two railroads, the Kansas City and Omaha railroads. The name of the town was changed to McCool Junction in 1888 to reflect the addition of the second railroad line.

Boren/Salmen Properties 1921 - 1941

The Blue Properties; a farmhouse and farm located at 1213 Road 4, McCool Junction,

and a farm and farmhouse located in Lushton were owned by John William Boren.

The Red Property in Sutton/Grafton, near Road 3 and Road C was the 71-acre farm and farmhouse owned by Frederick Salmen.

The Blue and Red Property was owned by J.W. Boren, Howard's father, but was farmed by Howard and Irma (Salmen) Boren until 1936, three years after Howard's death on November 27, 1933 at the age of 34.

The Red Properties in York was where Irma (Salmen) Boren relocated in 1936. 

Over the years from 1936 to 1941, Irma rented two large properties (not at the same time) and ran them as boarding residences for student attending York College.

July 1977

John William and Lillie Boren's Farmhouse

1213 Road 4

McCool Junction, Nebraska

July 2001

John William and Lillie Boren's Farmhouse

1213 Road 4

McCool Junction, Nebraska

Home of Howard, Irma, Russ, Doris, and Velma Boren

Three miles east of Lushton, Nebraska

This farm was owned by John William Boren and farmed by his son, Howard.

After 1951, J.W. Boren had the house was taken down

to make more land available for farming.

District #18 Elementary School

Lushton, Nebraska

Russ, Doris, and Velma Boren attended this

one-room schoolhouse.

Greenwood Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery

Burial site of Boren Family Members

Road 3, Between Road K and Road H

McCool Jct., Nebraska

This auction notice was discovered by Robert Vincent in June 2023

House mentioned in the auction notice at 1324 Blackburn Avenue, York, Nebraska

For The History of McCool Junction Nebraska

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