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Vincent Ranch, Hamilton, Montana, 1914

England to America 1659

William Vincent

William Vincent

January 1638  – 1695

Migrated to America in 1682

My 7th great-grandfather

William Vincent was born in Amesbury, Wiltshire, England, in January 1638. He was christened on January 17, 1638 at Nettlecomb, Somerset, England.


William was among the original proprietors of Providence, Rhode Island, one of the English Colonies. At the age of 21 (1659) William Vincent left England for a new life in America with his sister, Jane. They settled in Pautuxet, Rhode Island. Jane married John Sheldon of Providence and had four sons and one daughter who married Stephen Arnold of Providence.


William married his cousin, Priscilla Carpenter, at the age of 32, on January 20, 1670 in Somersetshire, England. It appears that they re-married or at least filed their marriage on May 31, 1670 in Providence, Rhode Island. Priscilla was born in 1641 in Providence, Rhode Island and died between 1685 and 1687. William and Priscilla did not have any children during their 15 to 17 years of marriage. After Priscilla’s death, records indicate that William, at the age of 52 married Mrs. Jemima Vincent after November 15, 1690 in Providence Rhode Island. Some records indicate that William and Jemima married about 1692 in Amesbury, Wiltshire, England (International Genealogical Index v 5.0.)


Text from, "The Descendants of Thomas Vincent"


William’s name first occurs on the records on Feb. 5, 1660, on a deed of land from his uncle. He was a good subject of King Charles II and took the oath of allegiance on May 31, 1667 (age 29.) A farmer but also was familiar with the coopers trade and grew rich. In 1687 he was taxed 6 shillings, 1 d. With local affairs he had little concern officially though he was constable in 1670 and in 1680 was chosen a member of the court of appeals. In 1685 and 1693 he was a petty juryman. In his will he gives to his wife, Jemima, property, “which lieth within the township of Providence and after her decease to be divided between three sons, Thomas, Nicholas, and the youngest. Also, my son William to dwell with my wife until he come of age in my dwelling house, with all my movables, only I give out of the estate to my son William the second best bedd with such poore coverings and bolster as there are. Also a heifer calf, five sheep and my shortest gun. All my tools between William and Thomas. I also make my wife Jemima sole executrix to discharge all debts and receive all debts. This my sole will.” Signed the X mark, William Vincent underneath the mark.


William was 55 years old when his first child was born. His 3rd child was born the year of William’s death (1695) when he was 57 years old.


William died in 1695 and was buried in England, leaving an estate of 16 pounds, 2 shillings.

William and Jemima had three children:


Thomas, born after 1691, remained in Providence, Rhode Island

Nicholas, born 1693, married his stepsister, Elizabeth Reynolds

William II ,born  December 12, 1695, remained in Providence and married Elizabeth Bennett, Oct. 22, 1724


Twenty-six years after William’s death, Jemima married John Reynolds of

North Kingston, Rhode Island about 1721.


William’s grandson, William III, was a surgeon during the Revolutionary War.

William Vincent III was born in 1729. He was the son of Nicolas and Elizabeth Reynolds-Vincent.

William III married Zeruiah Rudd.



The Descendants of Richard Vincent

Eighteen Generations of Vincent Ancestry



Richard                                                           1356 - 1434

John                                                                1380 - unknown

Richard                                                           About 1425 – about 1486

George                                                            1485 - 1565

Edward                                                            1510 - unknown

Nicholas                                                          1584 - unknown

Thomas                                                           Born about 1610 in Amesbury, Wiltshire, England

William                                                           17 June 1638 – 1695 England to The Colonies

Nicholas                                                          1695 – 1749

Nicholas                                                          1722 – 1790

Benjamin                                                         1755 – 1839

Nicholas                                                           1791 - 1878

Seymour Nicholas                                           14 September 1825 – 8 March 1911

Clinton Joy                                                      10 February 1857 – 11 April 1942

Frank Seymour                                                14 September 1891 – 11 April 1936

Charles Herbert                                                Living

Robert Louis                                                    Living

John Robert / Jennifer Louanne                       Living

Luke Robert / Hailey Noelle / Jake Charles    Living




The Descendants of Thomas Vincent 

by Lulu Jarvis Crittenden Thomas and 

Correspondence with Marjorie Vincent-Coombs, 1981

A Brief History of the Vincent Family in America

Six Generations from William (1638 - 1695) to Seymour Nicholas (1825 - 1911)

B.L. Vincent, Historian, unsure of relation, about 1945

Source: Sallie Vincent - Boden 2024

Updated by Robert Vincent, April 17, 2024

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