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John William Boren's Farmhouse 1977, McCool Junction Nebraska

The Boren Family

Howard Boren's 1917 Model T Ford

Postcard from Howard Boren

to his father, J.W. Boren on 

Sunday, August 11, 1921

From Pine Bluffs, Wyoming

To: Mr. J.W. Boren

Lushton, Nebraska


Sunday, August 11, 1921


Dear Folks,


We are in this burg (town or city) today.

Are feeling fine.

Have seen marrcons(?), Runnels (a narrow channel in the ground for liquid to flow through) and leookus (?).

Say Papa, will you go to Lincoln & Tharp (hardware company in Lushton, Nebraska) and get us a rear Ford tire 30 - 3 ½?  Racine Tires are $23.50 here.

Send it immediately if it is less than $23.50 by express




Editor’s notes:

Howard Maurice Boren and Irma Mae Salmen were married on June 22, 1921.

Howard was 23 years of age and Irma 19.

This postcard may have been sent from their honeymoon.


Lushton, Nebraska

York County Courthouse, York, Nebraska

Robert Vincent, July 8, 2020

For Boren Family Tree

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