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Vincent Ranch, Hamilton, Montana, 1914

Frank and Flossie Vincent’s  Home on the Vincent Ranch

815 Vincent Lane, Hamilton, MT 59840

Frank and Flossie's House Built in 1920

Clinton and Jennie's House

Frank & Flossie's House

Frank and Flossie Vincent’s home at 815 Vincent Lane, used to be a bunkhouse on the property next door that belonged to Frank's parents, Clinton Joy and Jennie Vincent. Frank had the house moved to its current location and he remodeled it about 1920. Originally, the home was on 160 acres of land that was part of Clinton and Jennie's original 320 acre ranch. Today the home is on 1.61 acres. Together, Frank and Flossie raised five children in this home. My dad, Charles Herbert Vincent was born on the kitchen table on Groundhog Day, February 2, 1928.


Below is an excerpt from the book, “We Remember Jennie and Clinton Vincent” Flossie and Frank’s daughter, Marjorie Vincent - Coombs wrote in 1977, that describes their home. The book can be found in its entirety on my web site,


The Challenging Years, 1929 - 1933


Hard times fell on Frank and Flossie during the years of the Great Depression, 1929 - 1933. They grew potatoes on their land and usually harvested about two train carloads of potatoes. During the depression they were unable to sell their crops at any price and in the fall of 1934. They had to give up their home and approximately 160 acres of the original 320 acres that my great-grandparents originally owned. My great-grandparents were able to make ends meet by renting out Frank and Flossie’s home.


After they lost their home on the ranch, they moved closer to Hamilton on ten acres known as the, “Nichol’s Place.” My grandfather died two years later on May 7, 1936 at the age of 45.  Shortly after his death, my grandmother moved the family to Southern California so that my Uncle Frank could attend Aviation School. Frank later became a pilot for Continental Airlines and flew for them for over 30 years.

View of the back of Frank and Flossie's home, 1992

Frank and Flossie's Home in 2018

Note: The front porch was a later addition

Property Overview - Classic & Charming! Built in 1920.  This two-story Country Farmhouse is on 1.61 acres and located at 815 Vincent Lane in  Hamilton. It has 1768 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a covered front porch, back deck, and irrigation. Remodeled in 2018, this beautiful home has hardwood floors in living room, kitchen, dining area, large kitchen. The garage is detached.


In March of 2018, Robert Vincent reached out to the current owners of 815 Vincent Lane, Franklin and Cara Shambles. He sent them the stories of their home that was almost 100 years old. They delighted to learn the history of their home, and shared with him that when they purchased the home it was so run down that the lender made them paint the outside of the house before the bank would fund the loan! Franklin and Cara have breathed new life into Frank and Flossie's home. During the Pandemic of 2020, Cara sent word that they had purchased two new calves. They named them Flossie and Vinny in honor of Frank and Flossie Vincent.

Update May 2022:

Franklin and Cara Shambles' son graduated from Hamilton High School in 2022 having earned certificates in Computer Assisted Drafting and Welding in addition to 18 college units! The Shambles' son is a 4th generation graduate of Hamilton High School. Cara Shambles graduated from Hamilton High and is currently the attendance secretary at the school.

A card of congratulations was sent on behalf of the Vincent Family.

Flossie and Vinny, Spring 2020


Fire Update

Friday, October 20, 2023

An afternoon fire destroyed the home built by our grandfather, Frank Seymour Vincent in 1921. A tree branch fell on the power line and arched the appliances and started the fire. Cara and Franklin, the current owners, plan to rebuild on the property.  

After their marriage in 1919, Frank and Flossie Vincent were given 160 acres of Clinton and Jennie's Vincent's original 320 acres ranch. Frank moved a bunkhouse from his parents property onto his 160 acres
and remodeled it into their home in 1920.

Updated by Robert Vincent

December 4, 2023

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