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Family Pocket Watches

The pocket watches of our ancestors are a treasure. To hold in our hands today, something that generations ago our family members held in theirs, is an amazing experience. In January, 2017 I took three watches to a watchmaker in Fullerton, California to be cleaned, oiled, and repaired as needed. They were able to restore two of the three watches. The oldest of the watches belonged to Charles Herbert Vincent I (1848 - 1920) and while it is a beautiful Swiss watch, I was told it was beyond repair.

July 5, 2020

Robert Vincent

Charles Herbert Vincent 

1848 - 1920

My Father, Herb Vincent, 

born in 1928, was named after him

Charles and May Vincent about 1910

Clinton Joy Vincent

1857 - 1942

John Willian Boren

Boren / Salmen Family

Velma Boren - Vincent's Grandfather

1868 - 1961

Hobart Evans Boren

Boren / Salmen Family

Velma Boren - Vincent's Uncle

1903 - 1985

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