Vincent Ranch, Hamilton, Montana, 1914

Vincent Family

Movement added by Wade Boden

Flossie's Great-Grandson, Wade Boden, used the Deep Nostalgia software on the MyHeritage website to create this moving image of Flossie in 2021, 40 years after her passing. The original black and white still photograph (inset)

was taken when Flossie was 62 years old in 1957.

This use of artificial intelligence produced an amazing likeness of Flossie. 

Colorized in 2021 by Wade Boden

Frank and Flossie'sWedding Picture

Colorized in 2021 by Wade Boden

1910 Chalmers Automobile

Geneva Vincent, Jennie Stephens - Vincent, Marge Vincent - Coombs about age 2, Flossie Pyle-Vincent, Frank Seymour Vincent, Jane Parker Stephens (Jennie's mother who lived on the Vincent Ranch,) Clinton Joy Vincent