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Jennie Stephens -Vincent's Artwork

Oil Painting by Hannah Jane (Jennie) Stephens - Vincent

Probably before 1880

This painting was proudly displayed in Herb Vincent's (1928 - 2014)

Burbank home. Upon his passing in 2014, the painting was given to

Jennifer Louanne Vincent,

Jennie's Great, Great Granddaughter

Oil Painting by Hannah Jane (Jennie) Stephens - Vincent

Her grandson, Frank Edward Vincent (1921 - 2013) loved this painting and displayed it in his bedroom after Jennie's death in 1959 till his passing in 2013.

Frank Edward Vincent wrote in his biography about this painting:

Jennie Stephens attended college at The College of Montana in Deer Lodge.

She was a talented artist in her younger years and the walls of her home displayed many of her paintings. My favorite (shown above) was of some deer by a mountain lake. I called them little doggies.

Charcoal Sketches

By Elizabeth Vincent

1852 - 1924

Providence Jane Parker  - Stephens

1844 - 1913

Hannah Jane (Jennie) Stephens - Vincent

1865 - 1959

These two charcoal sketches of Providence Jane Parker-Stephens and Hannah Jane (Jennie) Stephens- Vincent were drawn by E.L. Vincent. Early speculation was that E.L. Vincent might have been Emma Cousens by birth. Emma Cousins married Thomas Francis Stephens, which makes her a Stephens, not a Vincent. Research shows that the artist, E.L Vincent, may have been Elizabeth Vincent 1852 – 1924. Elizabeth was the daughter of Horace and Matilda Vincent, and the sister of Marie and Charles Herbert Vincent. Elizabeth, Marie and Charles Herbert were cousins of Clinton Joy Vincent. Charles Herbert lived next door to Clinton and Jennie in Grantsdale, Montana. It is yet to determine if Elizabeth ever lived in Montana or drew the sketches, but she is the only Vincent whose first name started with E and lived during the appropriate time.


Update: June 13, 2020, Elizabeth Vincent lived the last years of her life as a widow in Hamilton, Montana. Her husband's last name was Hughes. In the U.S. Census of 1900 Elizabeth was listed as a widow at age 46. Elizabeth Vincent Hughes passed away and was buried in 1921 in Hamilton, Montana.


The original artwork is about 18" x 25".


Digital images of the drawings were contributed by Sallie Vincent-Boden


Content provided by Sallie Vincent-Boden and Robert Vincent

Hannah Jane (Jennie )Stephens -Vincent's 

Report Cards - College of Montana

December 1887 and January 1888

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