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Vincent Ranch, Hamilton, Montana, 1914

Vincent Places of Interest

Vincent Ranch

Clinton Joy and Jennie Vincent

237 Skalkaho Highway (Highway 38)

Hamilton, Montana  59840

Elevation: 3649’

Frank & Flossie's House

Clinton and Jennie's House

2020 Photograph from Google Earth

The home of Clinton Joy and Jennie Vincent was originally on 320 acres.

After their marriage, Frank and Flossie Vincent were given 160 acres of Clinton and Jennie's ranch.

Frank moved a bunkhouse from the original ranch

onto his property and remodeled  it into their home in 1920.

Sleeping Child School

1590 Sleeping Child Road

Darby, Montana

2020 Photograph from Google Earth

Flossie Pyle - Vincent was hired to teach grammar school at 

Sleeping Child School in Darby, Montana in the summer of 1918.

A community dance was held at the school in September 

to celebrate the end of summer and welcome the new  school teacher.

Frank Vincent met Flossie at the dance, they fell in love,

and married on November 9, 1918.

Due to the 1918 Spanish Flu Epidemic, the school was closed for the year, and Flossie never taught there.

Sleeping Child School is located 4.6 miles from Vincent Ranch

Frank & Flossie Vincent's First Home

815 Vincent Lane

Hamilton, Montana  59840

Photograph from 2011

Photograph from 2011

View from out back of Frank and Flossie's House

After their marriage in 1919, Frank and Flossie Vincent were given 160 acres of

Clinton and Jennie's Vincent's original 320 acres ranch.

Frank moved a bunkhouse from his parents property onto his 160 acres

and remodeled it into their home in 1920.

The home was completely remolded in 1970.

A house fire on October 20, 2023 destroyed the house.

Franklin and Cara Shambles have lived in the house for several years. 

Sadly they lost their 2 beloved dogs in the fire.


A tree branch fell on the power line and arched the appliances and started the fire.

Cara and Franklin plan to rebuild on the property.

Photograph: October 20, 2023

Home of Flossie's Parents

John and Mary Pyle

415 Chestnut Street

Anaconda, Montana

2020 Photograph

2020 Photograph from Google Earth

Flossie's Parent's Home in Anaconda

John Nicholas (1853 – 1938) and Mary Catherine (1855 – 1941) Hamner - Pyle moved from Jerico Springs, Missouri to Montana twice. Their first move was to a little farm near Racetrack, in the Deer Lodge Valley in 1892, near where Mary’s brother, John Wilson Hamner lived. Their second, and final migration was in 1916, after Flossie’s high school graduation; John was 63-years old, and Mary Catherine was 61-years old.


Their home at 415 Chestnut Street, Anaconda, Montana was always well painted and the front yard, which was about 3’ by 4’ square on each side of the front walk, was well kept behind its wrought iron fence and gate.

Stephen’s Block

Montana and West Park

Butte, Montana

2020 Photograph from Google Earth

Commercial property built in 1890 and owned by

Frank Stephens, Jennie Stephens-Vincent’s father

46.00’43.02”  North Latitude

112 0 32’16.58” West Longitude

Elevation: 5717’

The Nicol Place

183 or 185 Nicol Lane near Shady Lane

Hamilton, Montana 59840

Note: address actually may be 115 or 105 Nicol Lane, Hamilton, Montana

1934 - 1941

In the fall of 1934, Frank and Flossie gave up the land on the Grantsdale place—that is the south and east side acreages. I believe that was 160 acres of the 320 and we left the remainder to our grandparents sole ownership. They survived by renting out the house we had called home and the remaining mortgage-free land to other farmers to work.


The Nichol Place


Somehow we were able to get financing to buy the Nichol place from Bob Nicol (Ravalli County Treasurer) in the Hamilton suburbs—a 10 acre tract with a large, very old, two story, white clapboard house upon it. It was our parents plan to keep enough livestock to provide for ourselves, with the pasture land available, and to raise vegetables and berries to market. Our Dad also kept all of his custom farm equipment. He planned, too, to rent land upon which to grow crops.


The move meant that Frank, Jr. had to finish eighth grade in the old Hamilton Jefferson School and Herbie started first grade there. Marjorie was in her second year at Hamilton High School and could walk to school rather than take the school bus.


The house had a living room, a parlor, a large kitchen and pantry, a bathroom and a bedroom on the first floor and four bedrooms on the second. It was much larger than the house we had had at Grantsdale but probably was not in as good condition because of its age and the settling of its foundation. Historically this had been the sight of the first post office in the Grantsdale –Hamilton area.

Frank took ill in the spring of 1936 and passed away on May 7, at the age of 45. In 1939, Flossie moved the family to California so that Frank Jr. could attend flight school at the Curtis Wright Technical Institute in Glendale.


Flossie sold the Nicol Place on March 13, 1941 to Gordon R. Tibbett of Missoula.


The Ravalli Republic Newspaper, March 13, 1941

North Side of Home

South Side of Home

Vincent Home on Nicol Lane

1982 photograph by Robert Vincent

Frank and Flossie Vincent's family home

from 1934 - 1939 after they lost their ranch

next door to Clinton Joy and Jennie Vincent in

The Great Depression of the 1930s.


46.16’40.07”  North Latitude

114.09’33.27” West Longitude

Elevation: 3580’

Vincent home on Nichol Place in Hamilton, Montana

This photograph was taken after

Frank Seymour Vincent's death on May 7, 1936

Photo about 1936 - 1939

Pictured left to right:

Herb, Marge, Flossie, Frank Edward (Junior)

Geneva Vincent - Lundgren

704 South 2nd Street

Hamilton, Montana

2020 Photograph from Google Earth

Jennie Stephens - Vincent moved in with her daughter,

Geneva, and son-in-law, Ross Lundgren,

in her later years after the sale of the Vincent Ranch

Flossie Pyle-Vincent-Gilleland

444 North Reese Place

Burbank, California

Flossie bought this home in Burbank with the profits from the sale of her home on Nicol Place in Hamilton, Montana

Frank Junior, Herb, Marge, Darryl, Flossie 1945

Flossie Pyle-Vincent-Gilleland-Olsen

6210 Riverton

North Hollywood, California

2020 Photograph from Google Earth

Flossie and her 3rd husband, George Olsen

purchased this home in North Hollywood

Herb and Velma Vincent

648 North Whitnall Highway

Burbank, California

Herb & Velma purchased this house in 1950 for $,6,000.00.

In 1960 they sold it to Herb's mother, Flossie.

Flossie Pyle-Vincent-Gilleland-Olsen

648 North Whitnall Hwy

Burbank, California

2020 Photograph from Google Earth

Flossie purchased this home from her son, Herb, in 1960

when he purchased 704 E. Grinnell Dr. in Burbank.

It was Flossie's last home prior to moving into

The Pacific Manor Retirement Home

on Glenoaks Blvd in Burbank.

Updated: October 6, 2023

Robert Vincent

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