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Vincent Ranch, Hamilton, Montana, 1920 - 1930

Herb Vincent's Model T Fords

Herb had a passion for Model T Fords his whole life.

When he was 16 years old, his first car was a 1926 Model T

1926 Model T Ford Tudor Sedan

Herb purchased this car in 1968 for $600.00. He found it in

Glendale, California and beautifully restored it

1914 Model  T Ford Depot Hack

Herb built this car from a collection of old parts in 1976.

The wood body was designed by his long time friend Barry Alberts.

In 2016 it was sold to Ben and Ann Wasman in The Villages, Florida

Ben and Ann restored the 1914 Depot Hack and named it,

"Vinny Brass" in honor of Herb Vincent.

The car was featured on the May/June 2018 cover of the

The Vintage Ford, the Model T Ford Club of America Magazine.

1914 Model T Ford Speedster

Herb built this car from a collection of old parts in the 1989.

The body was built by Rootlieb Manufacturing.

Jay Leno expressed an interest in the Speedster and came out to see it at

Bob Vincent's home in Valencia, California on May 28, 2011.

1914 Model T Ford Touring

This car was actually built in December 1913.

It was among the first Model T Fords built on the assembly line.

Jack Vaughan restored this car in Portland, Oregon in the 1980's

Herb purchased this restored car in 1986 and gifted it to his son in 1993.

This car was in our family for 32 years.

In 2018 it was sold to Jack Morehouse in Temecula, California

1909 Model T Ford

Herb Vincent in front of the Peterson home at 600 Walnut in Burbank in the 1960's.

The car was a 1909 Model T Ford owned and restored by Herb's good friend, Barry Alberts.

Barry Alberts in his 1909 Model T Ford

Arnie and Margaret Peterson

1909 Sears Automobile owned by Arnie Peterson

Arnie was Herb's boss at Peterson Baby Products from 1949 - 1962.

Later in life, Herb and Arnie were inseparable antique car buddies.

Herb and brother Frank Vincent visiting the 

Peterson Automotive Museum in 

Los Angeles, 1994

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