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Vincent Ranch, Hamilton, Montana, 1914

TheVincent Family Tree

The Vincent genealogy can be traced back to my 14th great-grandfather, Richard Vincent (1356 – 1434).

Richard lived in Northamptonshire, England which was the origin of the British shoemaking industry.

Dating back almost 900 years, famous shoe brands Weetabix, Carlsberg, and Doc Martens

are all made in Northamptonshire County.

For me to be born, I had to have 65,536 Vincent ancestors over 600 years!


I have enjoyed researching our ancestors and gathering their life stories on

Robert Vincent, September 2020

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4,096  tenth great-grandparents

8192  eleventh great-grandparents

16,384  twelfth great-grandparents

32, 768  thirteenth great-grandparents

65,536  fourteenth great-grandparents  - Richard Vincent (1356 – 1434)

Source: Facebook - Author: Unknown

September 2020

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