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Lost Creek School 

Deer Lodge, Montana


Lost Creek School

Deer Lodge County, Montana Territory

Frank Stephens (1836 - 1898)

President of the School Board for

Lost Creek School District #5

Frank Stephens was orphaned at age eleven. His parents, Timothy Stephens and Mary Dunn died in 1847 during The Irish Potato Famine. Frank Stephens was Hannah Jane (Jennie) Stephens - Vincent’s father. He was born in Ireland on March 17, 1836. The Irish Potato Famine occurred from 1845-1849. After his parent’s deaths, Frank sailed to the United States and made his way west to the Utah Territory

To earn a living, Frank bought a wagon and a team of horses. He filled the wagon with supplies to sell to the miners in Alder Gulch and Virginia City in the Montana Territory. The supplies were sold for gold and then he would return to Salt Lake City for more supplies.

On one of his trips to Salt Lake City, Frank met Providence Jane Parker. Providence Jane Parker was born on March 24, 1844 in Ekfrid, Middisex, Ontario, Canada. Frank asked her if she would wait for his return in two years when they could marry, or if she would go with him and have the first preacher they met along the way marry them. She hopped on the wagon and headed for Montana. Their first child was Hannah Jane (Jennie) Stephens (1865-1959). Jennie is reported to have been the first white child born in the Montana Territory.

In addition to being a prominent developer and business man in Butte, Montana,  Frank Stephens was also the president of the Lost Creek School District #5

Frank and Providence Jane Stephens' Ranch was in the Lost Creek area. It was located two miles east of Anaconda, Montana. From the main highway turn left and go an additional 3 miles Frank Stephens' ranch was on the slopes of the foothills to the west not far from the County Poor Farm.

Lost Creek School 1871

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