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Vincent Ranch, Hamilton, Montana, 1920 - 1930

Memories Of Marjorie June Vincent - Coombs

June 22, 1919 - May 25, 2014

 Robert Vincent's Memories of Aunt Marge


Aunt Marge was one of the most intelligent people I have ever known. She lived with her family in Spokane, Washington and we lived in Burbank, but we enjoyed visits when she and Uncle Jim would come to California to visit her mother, Flossie.


She loved reading and learning. Genealogy was one of her passions. My genealogical studies have been based on her work and the use of the Internet. Aunt Marge did her genealogical research by reading primary sources and visiting family historical sites. I will forever be grateful for her research and writing that will provide generations to come authentic information about our family ancestors.


Marge and Jim traveled the world after he retired from Washington Water Power Company. Prior to their adventures, Uncle Jim and Aunt Marge spent months reading and studying about the locations they would visit. They truly became experts about the places they visited.


Marge’s husband, Jim Coombs 1918 - 2009, worked his way up through the ranks to become Vice-President of Finance for the Washington Water Power Company in Spokane Washington. Jim Served the Washington Water Power Company with distinction for 43 years.


Marge loved family reunions with her brothers and their wives; Frank & Lillie, Herb & Velma, and Darryl & Kathy. Later in life, their family reunions took them all over the United States.


She was a loving wife, mother and grandmother and was survived by; sons: David (Jan) Coombs of Denver, Colorado, Roger (Kathy) of Spokane Valley, Washington; grandchildren: Julie Luebucke, Kristin Gockley, Lisa Lord, Jessica Seefeldt; eight great-grandchildren; and friend, Arthur (Sharon) Gurtel. She was preceded in death by her husband Jim, daughter, Susan, and granddaughter, Carol.


Marge was a woman of great faith and a dedicated member of the Presbyterian Church where she served as an elder and held numerous other high level positions.


Marge and Jim lived their final years at Riverview Retirement Community Chapel, 1801 E. Upriver Dr., Spokane, Washington. They appreciated the excellent compassionate care they received at Riverview Care Center.

Marge and Jim Coombs

Marge and Jim’s 50th Wedding Anniversary - 1992

Left to Right: Darryl, Marge, Frank, Herb

Jim Coombs Obituary

COOMBS, James M. (Age 91) Born January 19, 1918, the only child of Mabel and Ellison Coombs, in Spokane, WA. Died peacefully June 14, 2009, with his family by his side. He was a proud alumnus of North Central High School, class of 1935. He was actively involved in Scouting activities and attained the rank of Eagle Scout. Later in life he was awarded the Silver Beaver by the Boy Scouts of America, in recognition for his support of Scouting throughout the years. He enjoyed pitching on various softball teams, swimming, biking and ice skating. He served in the US Army in the Pacific during WWII. Jim married the love of his life, Marjorie JuneVincent, in 1942. They had three children and built a lovely home in Northwest Spokane, where they lived for 50 years. Jim retired from WashingtonWater Power Company in 1980 as VP of Finance after 43 years of service. Following his retirement, Jim and Marge traveled extensively in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. He also enjoyed working with alumni coordinating many North Central H.S. reunions. 

Posted by Bob Vincent, January 3, 2018.

Marjorie June Vincent - Coombs

Life Story written for a Presbyterian Church Leadership Class 2001

I found Marge Vincent - Coombs’ Life Story while going through my parents things after the sale of their Burbank home in 2016.  Marge was requested to write her life story for a Leadership Class at First Presbyterian Church of Spokane, Washington in June of 2001. The last few pages of her story are missing, but it is still worth publishing here.

Robert Vincent

July 6, 2020

The rest of the document is missing

July 6 2020

Robert Vincent

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