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John William Boren's Farmhouse 1977, McCool Junction Nebraska

The Boren Family

The Boren Family Tree

The Boren genealogy can be traced back to my 12th great-grandfather, John Boring (1506 - 1560).

John was born in Ilam, Derbyshire, England and died in Tiverton, Devon, England.

In the Mid-Devon countryside, Tiverton is a town with castles, houses and famous horse drawn barges.

The Great Western Canal runs through the town where you can find the country's last horse drawn barges. 

John Boring (1644 - 1690), my 8th great-grandfather was our first ancestor on the

Boren side of the family to come America.

He was born in Tiverton, Devon, England and died in Baltimore Maryland.


Another ancestor of interest is my 12th great-grandmother, Lady Cecily Muscote (1495 - 1557),

Lady of Earls Barton, Northampshire, England,

a direct descendant of Charlemagne (Charles 1st) of the Roman Empire.

He was a skilled military strategist, and spent much of his reign engaged in

warfare in order to accomplish his goals.

In 800, Pope Leo III (750-816) crowned Charlemagne emperor of the Romans.

In this role, he encouraged the Carolingian Renaissance,

a cultural and intellectual revival in Europe.

For me to be born, I had to have 16,384 Boren ancestors over 450 years!

I have enjoyed researching our ancestors and gathering their life stories on

Robert Vincent, September 2020

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4,096  tenth great-grandparents

8192  eleventh great-grandparents

16,384  twelfth great-grandparents - John Boring (1506 - 1560)

Source: Facebook - Author: Unknown

September 2020

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