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Vincent Ranch, Hamilton, Montana, 1914

George Olsen and Flossie Pyle - Vincent - Gilleland - Olsen
Flossie's Third Husband

George Alfred Olsen

June 22, 1897 – September 26, 1957

World War I and World War II Veteran

Buried at Sawtelle Veteran's Cemetery,

West Los Angeles, California

Section 291 Row B Site 11

Flossie Pyle’s 3rd Husband

Married November 29, 1948 in California

George Alfred Olsen was born in Brooklyn, New York, and served in the

United States Army in both World War I and World War II.


World War I

Service Number: 1868837

Age: 21

Unit: 4th Heavy Mobile Ordnance Repair Shop 0-202 3rd Phase

Rank: Cook Ord

Departed: Hoboken, New Jersey on 9 Jul 1918 for Brest, France, 4 months prior to the end of the war.

Ship: Mt Vernon

The USS Mount Vernon departed New York for Brest, France on 31 October 1917 on her first crossing for the Navy. During the war she made nine successful voyages carrying the Doughboys who turned back the Kaiser's final offensive and forced Germany to surrender.

World War II

Service Number: 32989113

Age: 45

Hospital Admission: August 1944

Discharge Date: 1944

Diagnosis: Causative Agent: Vehicle Accident

George enlisted in the United States Army at the age of 45 on August 8, 1942, in New York City, New York. Prior to his enlistment in the Army, George was employed by Grumann Aircraft in Hicksville, New York. After an automobile accident, he was discharged from the Army in 1944 at the age of 46.


After the war, he worked for Otto K. Olsen Electrical Contractor (no relation) in Los Angeles, and Searchlight Movie Company (20th Century Fox), in Hollywood, California.

In 2023 George's nephew, Jerry, believed that George had been married 4 times.


George and Flossie met through a personal ad in Los Angeles Times.


Flossie Pyle was married to Frank Vincent in Hamilton, Montana. Then she married Earl Gilleland in Burbank, California, who was also from Hamilton. Later, she married George Olsen from Los Angeles. After George’s death, she had a long-term relationship with Harry Yeamans during the 1960’s, but they never married.


George did not have a car when they met, so Flossie would drive to Los Angeles and pick him up for the weekend dates in Burbank. She would then drive him back to Los Angeles on Sunday night. According to George's nephew, Jerry, George's family had along history of automobile accidents, some fatal, perhaps that is why Flossie chauffeured him.


Flossie and George were married on Thanksgiving Day, 1948 at a Wedding Manor on 3201 West Pico Street in Los Angeles, California. Flossie’s son, Herb, was the Best Man and his girlfriend Velma Boren (Vincent) was Maid of Honor. Flossie’s son Darryl, age 11, completed the wedding party.  


After the ceremony they drove Flossie’s brand new 1948 Hudson to her sister's, Inez and Ray Taylor’s, house in San Bernardino, California for Thanksgiving Dinner.  George and Flossie spent their honeymoon at the Taylor’s mountain cabin at Crestline Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains near Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear Lake.


Herb Vincent and Velma Boren were married at the same Wedding Chapel on April 9, 1949, and they held their reception at Flossie and George's home, 444 N. Reese Place Burbank, California. About 60 people attended their wedding.

George's nephew, Jerry, shared in 2023 that when his eldest sister, Pam contracted polio in 1950, George sent her a cocker spaniel puppy whm she named Amber. Pam passed away at age 79 in 2022.


George was a skilled electrician and wood worker. He helped Herb build a toy semi-truck for Herb’s son, Bob, when Bob was two years old.  "Vincent Van and Storage" was printed on red truck. The wheels were Peterson Baby Products stroller wheels that Herb got from work.

Christmas 1955

Karen Vincent, Cousin Bill Weiss, and Bob Vincent

“Vincent Van and Storage” Semi-Truck with Toy Box Trailer

During the Korean War, Herb served in the Air Force Band for two years in Valdosta, Georgia and Victorville, California.  George and Flossie made a trip to New York to visit Norman and Vi Olsen (his brother). They then journeyed to visit Herb and Velma in Georgia in 1951. Herb said, “We always celebrated holidays together.  He was a real Grandfather to Bob and Karen Vincent.”


Flossie was very successful in Real Estate sales in Burbank during the 1940’s 50’s and 60’s. She was the first licensed female Realtor in Burbank. In 1953, Flossie and George sold her home at 444 Reese Place, and moved to a newly built house at 6210 Riverton Street in North Hollywood, California.  George, who was retired by then, opened a "Coin Shop" by their home in North Hollywood near Nudie's Western Wear, a favorite of the Hollywood Western Movie actors at 5015 Lankershim Blvd. Flossie said of George, “He was tall all, handsome. He never had a fault in the world except he was jealous.  Herb remembered that George was an,” Interesting New Yorker", a very immaculate person.  When going back to visit Norm and Vi Olsen – “George discovered a scratch on his hand, and he was very upset!”

Flossie and George Olsen

with their dogs

Rajah Kan and Amber Girl

George Alfred Olsen

Buried at Sawtelle Veteran's Cemetery,

West Los Angeles, California

Section 291 Row B Site 11

George Olsen's 1942 Snap-On 1/2" Socket Wrench was discovered by Robert Vincent in 2016 when cleaning out his father, Herb Vincent's, garage.

Snap-On 71-10

George stamped his initials, GAO, on each of his tools

George Olsen's 1942 Snap-On Socket Wrench was restored by Kevin Vincent in July 2023

Robert Vincent

July 24, 2023

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